On January 18th, the House and Senate both passed a continuing resolution to keep the government funded and avoid a government shutdown. The action comes in the face of a January 20th deadline for departments funded through the Agriculture, Transportation/Housing and Urban Development, Veteran’s Affairs and Energy appropriations bills. The resolution extends funding for these programs through March 1st. The remainder of the federal government programs were subject to a February 2nd deadline but will be extended to March 8th by the continuing resolution.

House Speaker Johnson had earlier indicated his opposition to additional continuing resolutions, so the move to extend funding relieves some concerns about a potential shutdown. The continued delays in completion of fiscal year 2024 appropriations are complicating next steps with Farm Bill reauthorization. Last week, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Rep. G.T. Thompson announced his plan to move the Farm Bill through the House in March, but that timing may be impacted as Congress works to complete the appropriations process 

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January 22, 2024


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