The Latin America Congress: Colombia contains a full program with sessions in a variety of topics.

Thursday 10 November
11:00 17:00


Radisson Foyer

14:00 16:50

Warehouse Facility Visit

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17:00 18:30

Cold Chain Executive Connection Reception 

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09:00 09:30


Fabio Fonseca, Director, Friozem Logistica – WFLO Chairman

09:30 10:30

Fresh Produce: Potential Opportunities for Logistics Operators

Viviane Schappo, Business Development Manager, Latin America Region, Robinson Fresh
Explore as logistics operators play a major role in the fresh produce industry as the management of the cold chain becomes a critical role to sell more fresh produce and compete in international markets under standards and regulations that require quality and safety.

10:30 10:45 Coffee Break
10:45 12:00

Panel Discussion: Opportunities for Cold Chain in Latin America 

Raul Hernandez Butron, General Manager, Precisa Frozen
Regulations, free trade agreements, certifications, technology represent a hard opportunity to compete internationally. Know that experts say area transportation, storage and retail on this subject. *Transport *Storage *Retail 

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12:00 13:15

Talks About Cold Chain 

Hear from experts and industry members for short and dynamic presentations on new developments in the cold chain.

13:15 14:30

Lunch – Executive Connections

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14:30 15:45

2017 Trends Discussion

David Palfenier, President of AGRO Merchants Group Latin America
Industry Logistics and Storage has grown from simple storage products to focus on optimized inventory control and efficient delivery of goods. Companies that use third-party logistics can provide additional services including forecasts, in-depth reporting, transportation management software and audits, expert knows what the future of this dynamic industry.

15:45 17:00

Cold Chain Cafe 

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A unique style for the exchange of ideas and innovations.
The Cold Chain Cafe is a very popular component in the program where attendees will participate in valuable dialogue with colleagues while enjoying a good glass of wine or beer.

Table 1: Reduced energy costs: Solutions low cost or no cost
How has reduced energy costs in their facilities without any capital investment? What low-cost solutions have been implemented that have provided great performance in saving energy?

Table 2: Economic Timing for Perishable Prod.
Towards where it goes consumption? What are the growth prospects?

Table 3: International Free Trade Treaties. TPP
The TPP is the hot topic in trade these days, but what represents for Chile, Peru, Mexico and the rest of the 11 countries included in the treaty?

Table 4: Emerging Technology and Innovation
What technology or innovation could transform your Organization and why? Share your experience with the latest technologies of the cold chain.

Table 5: Food Safety Standards and Enforcement
To the expectation of new regulations for food security How are you handling the implementation of new processes or procedures? What practices can be shared with colleagues in the area of food safety?

Table 6: E-Commerce Food Safety Standards and Enforcement
What does it mean and what changes mean for companies providing technology services and e-commerce?

17:30 18:30

Closing Reception 

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