The 27th European Cold Chain Conference will address topical issues pertaining to third-party temperature-controlled logistics, highlight current trends and outlook for the future. Leading industry and business experts will share their knowledge and thoughts, ideas, and solutions.

General Sessions

Thursday, 11 April 2024

Opening Plenary Session | 9:00-10:15

Keynote Presentation: Global Supply Chain Strategies & the Future of Logistics | John Manners-Bell, Founder and CEO of Transport Intelligence Ltd

Join us as Professor Manners-Bell navigates through the intricate landscape of emerging threats and opportunities within the global supply chain. In this session, John will offer insight on global logistics, including the global logistics infrastructure and the strategic principles and practices in transportation modes and supply chain verticals.

Professor John Manners-Bell BA (Hons) MSc AKC FCILT- Keynote

Welcome Remarks | Julie Hanson, European Director, GCCA

GCCA Europe Update | Joris Olbrechts, Chair, GCCA European Logistics Council, and Director, Jogrex and Jodifrost

Plenary Session | 11:00-12:15

A New Agenda for the Cold Chain in Europe

As voters across the European Union prepare to vote in a new Parliament, and appoint a new Commission, the panel will discuss how the cold chain features in the big issues that the new parliament and administration will face; and talk about how cold chain will ensure its voice is heard.

Presenter: Shane Brennan, SVP Global Communications, GCCA


  • Giorgio Corbetta, Director, Kellen Europe
  • Monisha Ghosh, VP Global Marketing & Communications, NewCold
  • Rob Haesakkers, Managing Director, Thermotraffic

Tech Talk | Claudio Zanframundo, President Thermo King EMEA, Trane Technologies

"Three Degrees", a session on the opportunities, implications and risks of changing the temperature at which frozen food is handled across the value chain | David Pettet, Head of Sustainability, NOMAD Foods

Europe’s largest frozen food company, Nomad Foods, has recently published the findings from a research study that tested the impact of holding its portfolio of protein and vegetable products at different frozen storage temperatures ranging from -18°C to -9°C and made some important findings about the impact on product quality, safety and shelf life, as well as significant potential energy consumption and carbon emission savings. These will be presented to the conference and will be followed by a panel discussion on the real world implications and possibilities of changing set points across the cold chain.


  • Sabine Eichner, Managing Director, DTI
  • Dirk Hoffmann, Director – Product Development – UK Ports & Terminals, DP World
  • Eelke Westra, Programme Manager Post-Harvest Quality, Wageningen University & Research

Plenary Session | 13:30-15:00

Cold Chain Agility – Weathering The Changing Market Landscape

  • Chris Menken, Head of Staff & HSE, Leen Menken
  • Hege Mokleiv, CEO, Permanor
  • Nikki Redhead, Managing Director, Keep it Cool
  • Moderator: Julie Hanson, Director of Europe, GCCA

Tech Talk: Intelligent insulating envelope solutions for the future | ISOPAN- Building Envelope Solutions by Manni

Intelligent insulation enabling cognitive cold storages can be bring savings of an order of magnitude similar to the increase of temperatures. The tech talk will explore status of the art and future developments for the cold chain construction.

Cold Chain in a New Era for Global Trade | Dr. Anna Jerzewska, Founder, Trade & Borders

This session will talk about the major trends in the regulation and operation of global trade, the status of existing and potential trade deals in Europe and the opportunities of digitization and trusted trader models in facilitating the movement of goods in global cold chain. The following panel will discuss the impact of regulatory changes on their operations and the important role that logistics providers play in system efficiency and resilience.


  • Sylvie Becaus, CEO, Zeebrugge Food Logistics
  • Jason Dreisbach, President/Owner, Dreisbach Enterprises
  • Joris Olbrechts, Owner & Director, Jodifrost and Jogrex

Friday, 12 April 2024

Closing Plenary Session | 11:15-12:15

Keynote Presentation: Economic Landscape and How it is Impacting Food Consumption Trends | Cyrille Filott, Global Strategist Consumer Foods, Packaging & Logistics, Rabobank

It’s a complex world. Questions remain around the stickiness of core inflation, the tightness of the labor market, the outlook for the consumer, and the likely path of monetary policy ahead. Meanwhile, rising geopolitical tensions, a volatile energy market, the acceleration of AI, and changing sustainability regulations can lead to significant risks and opportunities. In this session, Cyrille Filott, an analyst from RaboResearch, will guide us through the changing macro landscape and its impact on food consumption and cold storage operators.

Closing Remarks

  • Julie Hanson, European Director, GCCA
  • Ben van Leeuwen, Vice Chair of GCCA European Logistics Council and Director, Frigolanda Group

Focus Sessions

Thursday, 11 April 2024

Education Sessions | 15:45-17:00

Making Net Zero Happen Across Logistics Modes | Sofie Lindegaard, Head of Sustainability, DFDS

Leading European multi-modal supply chain business, DFDS, will demonstrate how it devised, and is delivering, its strategy to decarbonize its maritime, transport and warehousing operations.


Building the Best Temperature-Controlled Infrastructure

Making the right choices in design, construction and materials is crucial to deliver the most efficient, fit for purpose cold storage buildings. In this session, operator, designer and contractor will present the case of NewCold Piacenza, a highly performing and efficient cold store.

Moderator: James Rogers, Vice President, Business Development, GCCA


  • Jon Miles, VP Operations Europe NewCold
  • Alberto Lacchini, Business Development Director, E2K Group
  • Anna Sabbion, Structural Engineer, Lytos 

Friday, 12 April 2024

Education Sessions | 9:15-10:30

Preventing Food Waste – How third party cold chain operators can make a difference

Cold Chain 3PL have an important role to play in the global challenge to stop 1/3 of the food we produce not being consumed by people in Europe and across the world. Various stakeholders in the supply chain will demonstrate how each link can act and effectively reduce food waste. 

Moderator: Eelke Westra, Programme Manager, Wageningen University & Research


  • Nick Pedneault, President, Congebec Inc.
  • Anne Saris, Business Manager of Agrofood & Distribution, Port of Rotterdam 
  • Luigi Tozzi, Deputy Manager SAFE (Safe Food Advocacy Europe)

Future Proofing – What you can do now to be ready for the decarbonised transport fleets and infrastructure of the future

In this session our expert panel will talk through the roadmap and timeline for the replacement of diesel powered trucks in European supply chains; and discuss how cold chain businesses can take steps now to be as ready as possible for the change as it comes.  

Moderator : Don Durm, VP Customer Solutions, PLM Fleet and GCCA Transportation Chair


  • Marc Billiet, Senior Advisor - EU Goods Transport, IRU
  • Luc van Holzaet, Owner, Conhexa
  • Krzysztof Pawlik, Transport Director, Frigo Logistics Poland
  • Sjel Wijngaards, Managing Director, Jan van de Rijk


Cold Chain Cafe

Wednesday, 10 April 2024

The Cold Chain Café is a roundtable discussion component of the programme where attendees will participate in valuable dialogue with their peers. Participants will choose to engage in three rounds of fast-paced, 25-minute discussions and choose from six different topics.

Optimise your networking: ideally scheduled before the conference opening, the Cold Chain Café is a great way to break the ice, connect and get to know other attendees.

How will this work?

Each participant will receive a list of different questions, topics, and/or issues. Each topic will correspond to a numbered table in the ballroom. Participants join the table/topic of their choosing and spend the next 25 minutes discussing that topic. The goal is that in 25 minutes each group will share tools, ideas, and have a stimulating conversation about a particular topic. That will happen two more times. By the end of the entire session, each participant will have spent 25 minutes with 3 different topics/issues/questions.

Topics Include:

Warehouse robotics, automation, AI & Digitisation | Transport Optimisation | Cross-industry sustainability | Geopolitical disruptions & impact of supply chain | Talent management & retention

Who will facilitate the discussions?

We have chosen a group of your peers to facilitate the discussions. As a table facilitator, their role will be to keep conversation flowing with a table of 10 participants. They will start the conversation, possibly lead it, direct it, guide it, encourage it, but not talk the entire time. (This isn’t a presentation.)

Why are we doing this?

Event participants will get a chance to share and discuss relevant topics important to the cold chain industry. Everyone will be sure to learn something new and may even be inspired to try this at one of their company meetings!

Tips for participating in The Cold Chain Café:

Contribute Your Thoughts | Focus on What Matters | Listen to Understand | Link and Connect Ideas | Think and Reflect | Listen for Patterns, Connections

View Expo Participants

Networking Hub & Expo

Designed to offer conventioneers a place to meet, relax and recharge, the Networking Hub & Expo is open daily and located in a central location. Wondering where to meet peers or partners, look no further! The Hub includes refreshments, lounge seating and meeting tables to be utilized by attendees. The Hub also plays host to the Expo where attendees can connect with the top industry solutions providers and stay informed on new automation solutions, equipment, technology, construction trends and other industry solutions to innovate their businesses.
The Networking Hub & Expo will be accessible and open during the following times. Focused Expo times are outlined below, which will be the primary and busy hours for Expo Participants.

• Wednesday, 10 April: 17:30 - 19:00
• Thursday, 11 April: 8:00-18:00
• Friday, 12 April: 8:15-13:00

 Networking Hub & Expo Hours:

Exhibitor Set-UpWednesday, 10 April13:00 – 16:30
Welcome Reception in the ExpoWednesday, 10 April17:30 – 19:00
Morning Pastries in the ExpoThursday, 11 April8:00 – 9:00
Networking Break in the ExpoThursday, 11 April10:15 – 11:00
Lunch in the ExpoThursday, 11 April12:15 – 13:30
Networking Break in the ExpoThursday, 11 April15:00 – 15:45
Happy Hour in the ExpoThursday, 11 April17:00 – 18:00
Morning Pastries in the ExpoFriday, 12 April8:15 – 9:15
Networking Break in the ExpoFriday, 12 April10:30 – 11:15
Lunch in the ExpoFriday, 12 April12:15 – 13:00
Exhibitor BreakdownFriday, 12 April13:15

Date Range
April 10, 2024 (All day) -
April 12, 2024 (All day)

Brussels, Belgium

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In Person

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